Beauty School FAQs


Is beauty school easier than getting a degree from a four-year college?
While beauty school can be slightly different from a university, it still calls for hard work, dedication to studying and training, and motivation to do your best!  Ambitious students who enjoy creative hands-on work, helping clients to look and feel their best, and who have a passion for discovering the best techniques will excel.   
In our Alabaster beauty school program, you will be expected to learn theory and techniques from our cosmetology instructors, read your cosmetology textbooks, study the things you learn in class, get hands-on practice and real world training, and take written exams. There is  much to learn about the cosmetology field!  The instructors at our beauty school in Alabaster will ensure that you are well-equipped for a successful career in the beauty industry.  
Cosmetology school is not just about learning how to cut hair or apply makeup.  You will learn valuable skills for succeeding on the business end of the spectrum, too,  and you will have excellent opportunities to network and learn from other beauty professionals, students and teachers along the way.

Is it unheard of to leave a completely unrelated job field to pursue a cosmetology career?
Absolutely not.  This happens quite frequently.  If you are unhappy or feel unfulfilled in your current job, it is never too late for a career change!  If you have an interest in people, beauty, esthetics or the salon and spa industry, a cosmetology career may be for you.  Many of the skills that you use with your current job may be extremely useful in a cosmetology career.
Some issues you may need to consider in order to make the switch to a cosmetology career include making the time to balance your current career responsibilities with your cosmetology school schedule, your family’s needs, and getting over the fear of switching to a different career path.  It is never too early to begin networking with beauty school students, teachers and professionals for guidance, helpful advice and suggestions.  

Am I too old for cosmetology school?
You are never too old to begin a new career or to pursue a dream!  Statistics show that the majority of beauty school students are NOT fresh out of high school.  Far to the contrary!   Almost 75% of beauty school students nationwide choose a cosmetology career at a later age.   You are never too old to enroll in beauty school!
Some of the students at our Alabaster cosmetology school enroll in our program after trying a career that just wasn’t a good fit for their talent, or after taking time to raise a family.  If your passion is beauty and helping people to look and feel good about themselves, then there is no more rewarding career than cosmetology!   You will enjoy the flexible scheduling and continual growth and training that a cosmetology career allows.

Do you have additional questions about beauty school or cosmetology careers?  Contact one of our instructors at Mitchell's cosmetology school in Alabaster today for answers!

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