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Considering a cosmetology career in Alabaster?  While many fields have been affected by the economy, cosmetology careers are here to stay.  US News and World Report named Hairstylists/Cosmetology as one of the best careers for this decade.   A cosmetology career offers the potential for great job security and earning potential.

Our Alabaster cosmetology school is passionate about training our student for success.  At Mitchell Cosmetology College, you will train with experienced industry professionals in an environment that encourages learning, interaction, creativity, and preparation for the real world.

Program Costs

Application Fee ..........................$100

Enrollment Fee ...........................$80

Text Books ...................................$150

Exam Prep Books .......................$30

School Kit .....................................$525

Total Tuition .............................$10,000


Please contact Tim Mitchell at 205-663-7126 or 205-663-7132 for an appointment. For registration form (Click Here) for Catalog (Click Here)

Students must complete 1500 clock hours. Classes are Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Students will receive 7 clock hours per day and 30 minutes for lunch.

The Mitchell Cosmetology curriculum is designed to prepare students for the Alabama State Licensing examination and for gainful employment. A student will learn the technical skills to prepare you for work but also give students the personal and business skills needed to be successful. You will be given the experience needed to become a cosmetologist, build business relationships, salon ownership and operation along with retailing product.


Throughout the months as a student of the Mitchell Cosmetology College you will cover the following topics in detail.

Professional Development
Healthy Body and Mind
Effective Communication
Human Relations
Anatomy and Physiology
Building Blocks of the
Human Body
Basic Body Systems
First Aid
The pH Scale
Chemistry of Cosmetics
Salon Ecology
Infection Control
First aid
Principles of Electricity
Electricity in Cosmetology
Salon Business
The Beauty Industry
Job Search
Professional Relationships
Salon Ownership
Salon Retailing
Hair Theory
Hair Care
Draping, Shampooing, Scalp Massage
Hairstying Theory
Thermal Styling
Wet Styling
Long-Hair Styling
Design Decisions
Design Decision/
Client Consultation
Design Composition
Wigs and Hair Additions
Wigs and Hairpieces
Hair Additions
Chemical Texturizing
Chemical Relaxing
Curl Reforming
Hair Coloring
Color Theory
Identifying Existing Hair Color
Changing Existing Hair Color
The Study of Nails
Nail Theory
Natural Nail Care
Artificial Nail Care
The Study of Skin
Skin Theory
Skin Care
Hair Removal
Make Up
Haircutting Theory
Haircutting Procedures


Transfer Students

Applicants for transfer into the Mitchell Cosmetology College are considered on an individual basis and may at its discretion refuse transfers. Mitchell Cosmetology College does not accept transfer hours into any course. The enrollment fee for transfer students is $500. The enrollment fee is non-refundable five business days after start date.

Our Outcome Rates

Graduation Rates 80% 
(4 students out of 5 that were scheduled to graduate in 2016 completed the course in that year)
Placement Rates 75%
(3 students out of the 4 who graduated in 2016 were employed in the field of study)
Licensure Rates 100%
(3 students out of the 3 who went for their exam for licensure passed)

For Gainful Employment Disclosures, see here.


The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences is recognized by the United States Department of Education as a national accrediting agency for postsecondary schools and departments of cosmetology arts and sciences, and massage therapy.
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