Beauty School & Cosmetology Careers

Thinking about a cosmetology career?  Mitchell’s cosmetology school in Alabaster is a well-established beauty school with a solid reputation for excellence.  We have over 25 years of experience in helping students follow their dreams and succeed in the rewarding field of cosmetology.   

hair stylist studentWhich cosmetology careers are in the most demand?
According to the United States Department of Labor, the U.S. employment rates for cosmetology careers such as hairdressers, hairstylists, cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technicians are projected to grow 20 percent between 2008 and 2018.  This is encouraging news for anyone who is considering enrolling in beauty school.

What are my cosmetology career options after attending beauty school?
There are a wide variety of careers that you can pursue after earning a degree from our beauty school in Alabaster.   
These jobs can include but are not limited to:
Cosmetologist, Hairstylist, Barber, Hair Color Specialist, Esthetician, Nail Technician, Manicurist, Salon Owner, Salon Manager, Salon Coordinator, Salon Sales Consultant, Manufacturer Sales Representative, Makeup Artist, Fashion Show Stylist, Photo and Movie Stylist, Platform Artist and Educator, Cosmetology Instructor and more!

How much is the average cosmetology salary?
According to both NACCAS and the United States Department of Labor, the average salary for a person in the field of cosmetology can reach up to $50,000 annually.  Many factors can influence the amount of money that can be earned as a hair stylist, makeup artist,  fashion stylist, or other job in the salon and spa industry.   Earnings can be influenced by the size of the salon where you work, the city in which the salon is located,  the amount of hours that you work each week, the tips that you receive, as well as competition from other salons in the area.  Some salons will reward employees with bonuses or commissions.   


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